Interconversions among four M-intermediates in the bacteriorhodopsin photocycle.

  title={Interconversions among four M-intermediates in the bacteriorhodopsin photocycle.},
  author={Richard W. Hendler and Salil Bose},
  journal={European journal of biochemistry},
  volume={270 17},
Halobacterium salinarum displays four distinct kinetic forms of M-intermediate in its bacteriorhodopsin photocycle. In wild-type, there are mainly two species with time constants near 2 and 5 ms. Under various kinds of stress, two other species arise with time constants near 10 and 70 ms. We show that these four species are interconvertible. Increases in membrane hydrophobicity convert the slower to faster forms. Perturbations caused by Triton X-100 or mutations convert faster to slower forms… CONTINUE READING

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