Interconversion, catabolism and elimination of the polyamines.

  title={Interconversion, catabolism and elimination of the polyamines.},
  author={Nikolaus Seiler and Frank N. Bolkenius and Owen M. Rennert},
  journal={Medical biology},
  volume={59 5-6},
Two catabolic pathways exist for spermidine and spermine. One is responsible for the interconversion of the polyamines, a physiological intracellular event. The first and probably rate limiting step of the polyamine interconversion pathway is acetylation in the N1-position by a cytosolic enzyme. The reaction products N1-acetylspermine and N1-acetylspermidine are substrates of the cytoplasmic polyamine oxidase. This enzyme transforms the N1-acetylpolyamines into spermidine and putrescine… CONTINUE READING


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