Intercontinental transmission of West Nile virus by migrating white storks.

  title={Intercontinental transmission of West Nile virus by migrating white storks.},
  author={Mertyn Malkinson and Yoram Weisman and S. Pokamonski and Roni King and Vincent Deubel},
  journal={Emerging Infectious Diseases},
  pages={540 - 540}
Country Reservoirs Vectors Bolivia Akodon sp Xenopsylla cheopis Rattus rattus Pulex irritans Brazil Akodon sp X. cheopis Oryzomys sp Callomys sp Bolomy sp Monodelphis deomestica Ecuador R rattus P. irritans R. norvegicus R. alexandrinus Akodon mollis Oryzomys sp Phyllotis sp Scirurus stramineus United States Marmot (Cynomys sp) Orchopeas sexdentatus Rabbits Oropsylla montana Rats (Dipodomys sp) Haplosyllus sp Mice (Peromyscus sp) Diamanus sp Terrestrial squirrel Thrasis sp (Citellus sp) Peru… CONTINUE READING

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