Intercessory prayer and cardiovascular disease progression in a coronary care unit population: a randomized controlled trial.

  title={Intercessory prayer and cardiovascular disease progression in a coronary care unit population: a randomized controlled trial.},
  author={J M Aviles and Stephanie Whelan and Debra A Hernke and B A Williams and Kathleen Kenny and William M. O'Fallon and Stephen L. Kopecky},
  journal={Mayo Clinic proceedings},
  volume={76 12},
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of intercessory prayer, a widely practiced complementary therapy, on cardiovascular disease progression after hospital discharge. PATIENTS AND METHODS In this randomized controlled trial conducted between 1997 and 1999, a total of 799 coronary care unit patients were randomized at hospital discharge to the intercessory prayer group or to the control group. Intercessory prayer, ie, prayer by 1 or more persons on behalf of another, was administered at least… 

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