Intercellular communication in rat seminiferous tubules.

  title={Intercellular communication in rat seminiferous tubules.},
  author={Fabrizio Eusebi and Elio Ziparo and Guiseppe Fratamico and Mario Antonio Russo and Mario Stefanini},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={100 1},
Intercellular electrical coupling in seminiferous tubules from prepubescent and adult Wistar rats has been studied by using conventional techniques. It is found that cells in the seminiferous epithelium are electrically coupled. Experiments performed using "Sertoli cell-enriched" seminiferous tubules indicate the existence of intercellular ionic communication between Sertoli cells. Junctional conductance is independent of the direction of electrical field and it is affected by A23187 Ca… CONTINUE READING


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