Intercalation compounds of graphite

  title={Intercalation compounds of graphite},
  author={Mildred S. Dresselhaus and Gene F Dresselhaus},
  journal={Advances in Physics},
  pages={1 - 186}
A broad review of recent research work on the preparation and the remarkable properties of intercalation compounds of graphite, covering a wide range of topics from the basic chemistry, physics and materials science to engineering applications. 
Graphite Intercalation Compounds
Graphite intercalation compounds are synthetic metals formed by inserting layers of atoms or molecules of a guest chemical species between the layers of carbon atoms that make up graphite. Because
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Direct Evidence of Charge Transfer upon Anion Intercalation in Graphite Cathodes through New Electronic States: An Experimental and Theoretical Study of Hexafluorophosphate
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This article describes the applications of intercalation compounds that are either commercially practiced or under active development. The range of compounds discussed will be somewhat broader than
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