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Interactivity: Tracking a New Concept in Media and Communication Studies

  title={Interactivity: Tracking a New Concept in Media and Communication Studies},
  author={J. F. Jensen},
  journal={Nordicom Review},
a huge amount of information available to anyone at the touch of a button, everything from airline schedules to esoteric scientific journals to video versions of off-off-off Broadway. Watching a movie won’t be a passive experience. At various points, you’ll click on alternative story lines and create your individualized version of “Terminator XII”. Consumers will send as well as receive all kinds of data ... Videocamera owners could record news they see and put it on the universal network… Expand

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(1956). Mass Communication and Para-Social Interaction. Psychiatry: Vol. 19, No. 3, pp. 215-229.
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