Interactive skills of infants with their high-risk mothers.

  title={Interactive skills of infants with their high-risk mothers.},
  author={Elina Savonlahti and Marjaterttu Pajulo and Sari Ahlqvist and Hans Y Helenius and Heikki Korvenranta and Tuula Tamminen and Jorma Piha},
  journal={Nordic journal of psychiatry},
  volume={59 2},
In this pilot study, the interactive skills of infants with their high-risk, substance-dependent mothers were explored in residential treatment from pregnancy until the infant was 6 months of age. Fourteen mother-infant pairs were videotaped in feeding and free play situations at 6 months after birth. A comparison, low-risk group consisted of 12 ordinary Finnish mother-infant pairs with minimal clinical risks. The findings show significantly higher levels of dyadic interactive deficiencies… CONTINUE READING

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