Interactive influences on BVRT performance level: geriatric considerations.


We examined the interactive influence of specific demographic and diagnostic variables on Benton Visual Retention Test (BVRT) performance in three commonly presenting groups of older adults. Cross-sectional data from three archival samples were utilized: "normals" (n=156), "normals with memory concerns" (n=435), and a "mixed neurologic" group (n=196). In both normal groups, as well as in a "no/low deficit" neurologic subgroup, we confirmed that the higher one's age, the lower their BVRT accuracy, while the higher one's level of education, the greater their BVRT accuracy (at least through age 84). For normal subjects, gender had no impact on BVRT performance. Variability in BVRT performance increased consistently, but not significantly, through age 85.

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