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Interactive comment on “Increased glacier runoff enhances the penetration of warm Atlantic water into a large Greenland fjord” by A. J. Sole et al

  title={Interactive comment on “Increased glacier runoff enhances the penetration of warm Atlantic water into a large Greenland fjord” by A. J. Sole et al},
  author={Anonymous Referee},
Sole et al (2012) provide a detailed examination of the heat flux into and out of the KF and the resulting amount of subglacial melt of KG and the role of KG subglacial runoff in that process. KG is one of the three large Greenland outlet glaciers with detailed oceanographic observations. The authors reach a critical conclusion that supports the ongoing evolution and quantification of the role and interaction of warm ocean water penetrating at depth to reach marine outlet glacier termini, and… 



Warming of waters in an East Greenland fjord prior to glacier retreat: mechanisms and connection to large-scale atmospheric conditions

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Impact of fjord dynamics and glacial runoff on the circulation near Helheim Glacier

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Multi-decadal marine- and land-terminating glacier recession in the Ammassalik region, southeast Greenland

Landsat imagery was applied to elucidate glacier fluctuations of land- and marine-terminating outlet glaciers from the Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) and local land-terminating glaciers and ice caps