Interactive and verifiable web services composition, specification reformulation and substitution


Recent advances in networks, information and computation grids, and WWW have resulted in the proliferation of physically distributed and autonomously developed software components and services. These developments allow us to rapidly build new value-added applications from existing ones in various domains such as e-Science, e-Business, and e-Government. Towards this end, this dissertation develops solutions for the following problems related to Web services and Service-Oriented Architectures: 1. Web Service Composition: The ability to compose complex Web services from a multitude of available component services is one of the most important problems in service-oriented computing paradigm. In this dissertation, we propose a new framework for modeling complex Web services based on the techniques of abstraction, composition and reformulation. The approach allows service developers to specify an abstract and possibly incomplete specification of the composite (goal) service. This specification is used to select a set of suitable component services such that their composition realizes the desired goal. In the event that such a composition is unrealizable, the cause for the failure of composition is determined and is communicated to the developer thereby enabling further reformulation of the goal specification. This process can be iterated until a feasible composition is identified or the developer decides to abort. 2. Web Service Specification Reformulation: In practice, often times the composite service specification provided by the service developers result in the failure of composition. Typically, handling such failure requires the developer to analyze the cause(s) of the failure and obtain an alternate composition specification that can be realized from the available services. To assist developers in such situations, we describe a technique

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