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Interactive/Transmedia Documentary: convergence culture meets actuality storytelling Documentário Interativo/Transmídia: a cultura da convergência encontra a realidade da contação de histórias

  title={Interactive/Transmedia Documentary: convergence culture meets actuality storytelling Documentário Interativo/Transmídia: a cultura da convergência encontra a realidade da contação de histórias},
  author={Michael R. Ogden},
This article explores actuality storytelling’s development through the vehicle of immersive, participatory, user-driven, multi-platform interactive documentary. What emerges is an evolving mediated literacy in response to emerging storytelling technologies and the rise of ‘convergence culture’ that is remaking how we experience stories. The result is a reclaiming of storytelling from the Culture Industry and the rise of a new ecology of narrativity for compelling, interactive stories… 
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