Interactive Parallel Programming


The ParaScope project is developing an integrated collection of tools to help scientiic programmers implement correct and eecient parallel programs. The centerpiece of this collection is the ParaScope Editor, an intelligent interactive editor for parallel Fortran programs. The ParaScope Editor reveals to users potential hazards of a proposed parallelization in a program. It also provides a variety of powerful interactive program transformations that have been shown useful in converting programs to parallel form. In addition, the ParaScope Editor supports general user editing through a hybrid text and structure editing facility that incrementally analyzes the modiied program for potential hazards. The ParaScope Editor is a new kind of program construction tool { one that not only manages text, but also presents the user with information about the correctness of the parallel program under development. As such, it can support an exploratory programming style in which users get immediate feedback on their various strategies for parallelization.

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