Interactive Gibson Benchmark: A Benchmark for Interactive Navigation in Cluttered Environments

  title={Interactive Gibson Benchmark: A Benchmark for Interactive Navigation in Cluttered Environments},
  author={F. Xia and Bokui Shen and C. Li and Priya Kasimbeg and M. Tchapmi and A. Toshev and Roberto Mart{\'i}n-Mart{\'i}n and S. Savarese},
  journal={IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters},
  • F. Xia, Bokui (William) Shen, +5 authors S. Savarese
  • Published 2020
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters
  • We present <italic>Interactive Gibson Benchmark</italic>, the first comprehensive benchmark for training and evaluating <italic>Interactive Navigation</italic> solutions. Interactive Navigation tasks are robot navigation problems where physical interaction with objects (e.g., pushing) is allowed and even encouraged to reach the goal. Our benchmark comprises two novel elements: 1) a new experimental simulated environment, the <italic>Interactive Gibson Environment</italic>, that generate photo… CONTINUE READING
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