Interactive 3-D computer graphics driven through verbal instructions: Previous and current activities at ART

  title={Interactive 3-D computer graphics driven through verbal instructions: Previous and current activities at ART},
  author={Yuri A. Tijerino and Kenji Mochizuki and Fumio Kishino},
  journal={Computers & Graphics},
Interaction in 3-D computer graphics is usually accomplished through input devices such as the mouse, light-pens, touch-pads, and recently through data-gloves‡, among others. Since these input devices provide only low-level interaction (e.g., pointing, selecting, dragging, etc.), they are usually complemented with higher-level commands and macros available through selectable icons, keyboard input, pull-down or pop-up menus and, in the case of data-gloves, with hand gestures. This paper… CONTINUE READING


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