Interactions of cytochromes b5 and c with phospholipid monolayers.

  title={Interactions of cytochromes b5 and c with phospholipid monolayers.},
  author={Wolfgang M. Heckl and B N Zaba and Helmuth M{\"o}hwald},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={903 1},
Monolayers of charged and neutral phospholipids at the air/water interface containing the cytochromes b5 and c are studied by film balance techniques and by fluorescence microscopy. A new technique is introduced to obtain a defined and homogeneous protein distribution within the membrane. It is shown that both proteins preferentially partition into the fluid membrane phases coexisting with solid lipid domains, thus allowing formation of periodic protein distributions. Protein reconstitution in… CONTINUE READING