Interactions of benzodiazepines with warfarin.

  title={Interactions of benzodiazepines with warfarin.},
  author={Michael C L'E Orme and Alasdair M. Breckenridge and Rachael Brooks},
  journal={British medical journal},
  volume={3 5827},
Administration of nitrazepam (10 mg nightly), diazepam (15 mg/day), and chlordiazepoxide (15 and 30 mg/day) had no effect on steady-state plasma warfarin concentrations, the plasma half-life of warfarin, or anticoagulant control in patients and it appears safe to prescribe these agents to patients on long-term oral anticoagulants. Urinary excretion of 6 beta-hydroxycortisol, however, increased in two out of five patients given chlordiazepoxide. In rats pretreatment with chlordiazepoxide (40 mg… CONTINUE READING

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