Interactions of 60 GeV π− mesons with protons and nuclei

  title={Interactions of 60 GeV π− mesons with protons and nuclei},
  author={N. Dalkhazhav and Galina Shabratova and K. D. Tolstov},
Interactions of 60 GeV/cπ− mesons with nucleons, light (C, O) and heavy (Ag, Br) nuclei have been investigated using emulsions of two types: the usual (Br-2) emulsion in which about 13 of the interactions occur on light nuclei and emulsion enriched by (CH2OH). In the latter type the fraction of interactions with free protons increases to 0.12 and with light nuclei to 0.5. It is shown that the mean multiplicity of charged particles in inelastic collisions as a function of energy follows the… CONTINUE READING