Interactions in the NdF3-Nd2O3-MF2 (M = Ba, Sr) systems

  title={Interactions in the NdF3-Nd2O3-MF2 (M = Ba, Sr) systems},
  author={K. N. Zolotova and I. V. Kolbanev and E. I. Ardashnikova and Artem M Abakumov and Valery A. Dolgikh},
  journal={Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry},
Isothermal anneals (at 873 K) and powder X-ray diffraction were used to study isothermal sections of phase diagrams of the NdF3-Nd2O3-MF2 (M = Ba, Sr) systems. In studying the NdF3-Nd2O3-BaF2 system, classical solid-phase synthesis was supplemented with mechanochemical activation of feedstock mixtures or BaF2 activated with gaseous hydrogen fluoride was used. In both systems, a solid solution with the fluorite structure based on MF2 and NdOF phases, a solid solution with the tysonite structure… CONTINUE READING