Interactions between unidirectional quantized vortex rings

  title={Interactions between unidirectional quantized vortex rings},
  author={Te Zhu and Matthew L. Evans and R. A. Brown and P. M. Walmsley and A. I. Golov},
  journal={arXiv: Fluid Dynamics},
We have used the vortex filament method to numerically investigate the interactions between pairs of quantized vortex rings that are initially traveling in the same direction but with their axes offset by a variable impact parameter. The interaction of two circular rings of comparable radii produce outcomes that can be categorized into four regimes, dependent only on the impact parameter; the two rings can either miss each other on the inside or outside, or they can reconnect leading to final… 

Quantized Vortex Rings and Loop Solitons

The vortex filament model is used to investigate the interaction of a quantized vortex ring with a straight vortex line and also the interaction of two solitons traveling in opposite directions along

Accurate numerical determination of a self-preserving quantum vortex ring

We compute simultaneously the translational speed, the magnitude and the phase of a quantum vortex ring for a wide range of radii, within the Gross–Pitaevskii model, by imposing its self preservation

Symmetry-breaking instability of leapfrogging vortex rings in a Bose-Einstein condensate

Three coaxial quantized vortex rings in a Bose-Einstein condensate exhibit aperiodic leapfrogging dynamics. It is found that such circular vortex rings are dynamically unstable against deformation

Coaxial collisions of a vortex ring and a sphere in an inviscid incompressible fluid

The dynamics of a circular thin vortex ring and a sphere moving along the symmetry axis of the ring in an inviscid incompressible fluid is studied on the basis of Euler’s equations of motion. The

Coexistence of Quantum and Classical Flows in Quantum Turbulence in The T=0 Limit.

A quantitative model of coexisting cascades of quantum and classical energies describes all regimes of the decay of a quantized vortex line of initial density.

Three-dimensional stability of leapfrogging quantum vortex rings

It is shown by numerical simulations within a regularized Biot-Savart law that dynamical systems of two or three leapfrogging coaxial quantum vortex rings having a core width $\xi$ and initially

Instability of a vortex ring due to toroidal normal fluid flow in superfluid 4He

Vortex rings self-propelling in superfluid 4He are shown to be driven unstable by a toroidal normal fluid flow. This instability has qualitative similarities with the Donnelly-Glaberson instability



Quantized vortex ring dynamics and the vortex core radius in He II

Using a newly developed time-of-flight technique, we have determined the temperature dependence of the vortex core radius in the range 0.35 K ≤T ≤ 0.60 K by means of precise measurements of vortex

Three-dimensional vortex dynamics in superfluid 4He: Line-line and line-boundary interactions.

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The dynamical behavior of arbitrarily configured, interacting quantized vortex filaments is investigated by means of numerical experiments and analytical estimates and an analytical depinning criterion involving both normal and superfluid velocities is derived, and found to be in good agreement with the numerical experiments.

Reconnections of quantized vortex rings in superfluid 4He at very low temperatures.

Collisions in a beam of unidirectional quantized vortex rings of nearly identical radii R in superfluid 4He in the limit of zero temperature were studied using time-of-flight spectroscopy to find the density of primary rings was found to be capped at the value 500  cm-2R-1 independent of the injected density.

Stability theory for a pair of trailing vortices

x(/3) Trailing vortices do not decay by simple diffusion. Usually they undergo a symmetric and nearly sinusoidal instability, until eventually they join at intervals to form a train of vortex rings.

Interaction of Two Vortex Rings along Parallel Axes in Air

Experimental studies were carried out on the interaction of two vortex rings moving in air side by side along their parallel axes. The behavior of two rings was observed by a flow visualization

A Note on the Propagation of Quantized Vortex Rings Through a Quantum Turbulence Tangle: Energy Transport or Energy Dissipation?

We investigate quantum vortex ring dynamics at scales smaller than the inter-vortex spacing in quantum turbulence. Through geometrical arguments and high-resolution numerical simulations, we examine

Breathers on quantized superfluid vortices.

Although the breather solutions studied are exact solutions of the LIA equations, it is demonstrated through full numerical simulations that their key emergent attributes carry over to vortex dynamics governed by the Biot-Savart law and to quantized vortices described by the Gross-Pitaevskii equation.

Cascade of vortex loops initiated by a single reconnection of quantum vortices

We demonstrate that a single reconnection of two quantum vortices can lead to the creation of a cascade of vortex rings. Our analysis involves localized induction approximation, high-resolution

Diffusion of inhomogeneous vortex tangle and decay of superfluid turbulence

The theory of inhomogeneous superfluid turbulence is developed on the basis of kinetics of merging and splitting vortex loops. Vortex loops composing the vortex tangle can move as a whole with some

Slowing down of vortex rings in Bose-Einstein condensates

Thin-cored vortex rings have fascinated physicists since the times of Helmholtz and Kelvin [1,2]. Vortex ring dynamics is still a very active area of research [3–6]. Unfortunately, real fluids are