Interactions between naturally occurring antifungal agents.


Pairwise interactions between four antifungal compounds were studied. The β-1,3-glucan synthase inhibitor echinocandin B (ECB) showed synergistic effect with the cell wall hydrolase ChiB chitinase and EngA β-1,3-glucanase on Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Candida albicans, Aspergillus rugulosus and A. fumigatus. The antifungal protein of Penicillium chrysogenum (PAF) did not influence the antifungal activity of ChiB or EngA, but showed antagonistic effect with ECB on A. nidulans, A. rugulosus and A. fumigatus. PAF had no significant effect on the growth of the tested yeasts as it was expected and did not influence significantly the antifungal activity of ECB, ChiB or EngA against yeasts.

DOI: 10.1556/ABiol.64.2013.4.11

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