Interactions between macro-algal mats and invertebrates in the Ythan estuary, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

  title={Interactions between macro-algal mats and invertebrates in the Ythan estuary, Aberdeenshire, Scotland},
  author={David 5 Raffaelli},
  journal={Helgoland Marine Research},
Blooms of opportunistic green macro-algae are a common feature of coastal areas and their effects on mudflat invertebrates can be dramatic. On the Ythan estuary, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, we have carried out a number of manipulative field experiments designed to evaluate the effects on invertebrates of different species of macro-algae with contrasting ecologies, and the effects of invertebrates on the development of the blooms. Macro-algal mats were found to have dramatic nega- tive effects on… CONTINUE READING
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