Interactions between Zeldia Punctata (Cephalobidae) and bacteria in the presence or absence of maize plants

  title={Interactions between Zeldia Punctata (Cephalobidae) and bacteria in the presence or absence of maize plants},
  author={Djibril Djigal and M L Sy and Alain Brauman and Tahir A. Diop and D. Mountport and Jean Luc Chotte and C{\'e}cile Villenave},
  journal={Plant and Soil},
Bacterial-feeding nematodes constitute one of the primary grazers of soil bacteria. We investigated the effects of selective grazing of a representative nematode (Zeldia punctata, Cephalobidae) on nematode life history and population biology and on the soil microbial community. Firstly, we measured (i) the effect of five different bacterial strains on the nematode life cycle using petri dishes and (ii) the impact of bacterial inoculation on nematode population growth in a soil microcosm… CONTINUE READING


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