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Interaction research in SLA : A meta-analysis and research synthesis

  title={Interaction research in SLA : A meta-analysis and research synthesis},
  author={Alison Mackey and Jaemyung Goo},
Attitude towards Foreign Language, Corrective Feedback, and Oral Accuracy
This study examined the effect of two types of corrective feedback (prompts and recasts) on oral accuracy of 120 Iranian elementary female EFL participants (15–20 years old) considering their
To investigate the pedagogical effectiveness of oral corrective feedback (CF) on target language development, we conducted a meta-analysis that focused exclusively on 15 classroom-based studies (N =
TBLT implementation and evaluation: A meta-analysis
Task-based language teaching (TBLT) is an empirically investigated pedagogy that has garnered attention from language programs across the globe. TBLT provides an alternative to traditional grammar
Thirty-five years of ISLA on form-focused instruction: A meta-analysis
This meta-analysis offers a snapshot of thirty-five years (1980–2015) of research on instructed second language acquisition (ISLA). Fifty-four empirical studies involving a total of 5,051 second
Recasts and Prompts in Dyadic Interaction : Explicitness of Feedback and Learner Proficiency
Kim, Ji Hyun. (2018). Recasts and prompts in dyadic interaction: Explicitness of feedback and learner proficiency. English Teaching, 73(4), 3-28. The study investigated the effects of recasts and
Interaction and instructed second language acquisition
Interaction is an indispensable component in second language acquisition (SLA). This review surveys the instructed SLA research, both classroom and laboratory-based, that has been conducted primarily
Effectiveness of peer-mediated learning for English language learners: A meta-analysis
  • M. Cole
  • Linguistics
    Research Ideas and Outcomes
  • 2018
Main effects analyses indicate that peer-mediated learning is effective at improving a number of outcome types, including: language outcomes, academic outcomes, and social outcomes.
Domain definition and search techniques in meta-analyses of L2 research (Or why 18 meta-analyses of feedback have different results)
Applied linguists have turned increasingly in recent years to meta-analysis as the preferred means of synthesizing quantitative research. The first step in the meta-analytic process involves defining
Effects of Recasts and Metalinguistic Feedback on Developing
This chapter discusses literature review, methodology, research questions and Hypotheses, and the purpose of the study and its aims.