Interaction of vortex stretching with wind power fluctuations

  title={Interaction of vortex stretching with wind power fluctuations},
  author={Jahrul M. Alam},
  • J. Alam
  • Published 17 May 2022
  • Physics, Environmental Science
The transfer of turbulence kinetic energy from large to small scales occurs through vortex stretching. Also, statistical properties of the subgrid-scale energy fluxes depend on the alignment of the vorticity vector with the principal strain axis. A heuristic analysis of the present study indicates that vortex-stretching and the second invariant of the velocity gradient tensor provide a scale-adaptive parameterization of the subgrid-scale stresses and the local energy fluxes in the wakes of wind… 



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Keywords: turbulence ; transport ; contraintes ; transport ; couche : limite ; ecoulement ; tourbillon ; energie Reference Record created on 2005-11-18, modified on 2016-08-08

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