Interaction of transferrin with iron-loaded rat peritoneal macrophages.


Rat peritoneal macrophages are capable, in vitro, of processing and releasing iron derived from phagocytosed, immunosensitized red cells. From 20% to 60% of the red cell iron can be returned to the culture medium in 24 h, with resident macrophages more active than inflammatory, peptone-induced macrophages. When apotransferrin is present in the culture… (More)


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@article{Saito1986InteractionOT, title={Interaction of transferrin with iron-loaded rat peritoneal macrophages.}, author={K. Saito and Takuji Nishisato and Joseph A. Grasso and P. S. Aisen}, journal={British journal of haematology}, year={1986}, volume={62 2}, pages={275-86} }