Interaction of the integrin beta1 cytoplasmic domain with ICAP-1 protein.

  title={Interaction of the integrin beta1 cytoplasmic domain with ICAP-1 protein.},
  author={Xin Zhang and Martin E. Hemler},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={274 1},
In a yeast two-hybrid screen, a protein named ICAP-1 (beta1 integrin cytoplasmic domain associated protein) associated with the integrin beta1 cytoplasmic tail but not with tails from three other integrin beta subunits (beta2, beta3, and beta5) or from seven different alpha subunits. Likewise in human cells, ICAP-1 associated specifically with the beta1 but not beta2, beta3, or beta5 tails. The carboxyl-terminal 14 amino acids of beta1 were critical for ICAP-1 interaction. ICAP-1 is a… CONTINUE READING


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