Interaction of the Pisum sativum nuclear matrix proteins with SAR DNA.


We have isolated the nuclear matrices from Pisum sativum cell nuclei using three methods: i. standard procedure involving extraction of cell nuclei with 2 M NaCl and 1% Triton X-100; ii. the same with pretreatment of cell nuclei with 0.5 mM CuSO4 (stabilisation step); and iii. method including lithium diiodosalicylate extraction. We compared the polypeptide pattern and residual DNA content of the nuclear matrices isolated. The nuclear matrices displayed a specific endonuclease activity which was due to the presence of a 32 kDa protein. The isolated nuclear matrices bound specifically the scaffold-attached (SAR) DNA derived from human beta interferon gene, in the exogenous SAR binding assay. Using the DNA-protein binding blot assay we demonstrated the presence of two nuclear matrix proteins of 66 kDa and 62 kDa which bound specifically SAR DNA.

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@article{Rzepecki1995InteractionOT, title={Interaction of the Pisum sativum nuclear matrix proteins with SAR DNA.}, author={Ryszard Rzepecki and Eva Markiewicz and Rajmund Adamiec and Jan Szopa}, journal={Acta biochimica Polonica}, year={1995}, volume={42 1}, pages={75-81} }