Interaction of plant polyphenols with salivary proteins.

  title={Interaction of plant polyphenols with salivary proteins.},
  author={Anders Bennick},
  journal={Critical reviews in oral biology and medicine : an official publication of the American Association of Oral Biologists},
  volume={13 2},
  • Anders Bennick
  • Published 2002 in
    Critical reviews in oral biology and medicine…
Tannins are polyphenols that occur widespread in plant-based food. They are considered to be part of the plant defense system against environmental stressors. Tannins have a number of effects on animals, including growth-rate depression and inhibition of digestive enzymes. Tannins also have an effect on humans: They are, for example, the cause of byssinosis, a condition that is due to exposure to airborne tannin. Their biological effect is related to the great efficiency by which tannins… CONTINUE READING


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