Interaction of monoclonal antibodies with pertussis toxin and its subunits.

  title={Interaction of monoclonal antibodies with pertussis toxin and its subunits.},
  author={Dara W. Frank and Charles D Parker},
  journal={Infection and immunity},
  volume={46 1},
The binding of two monoclonal antibodies to crude and pure preparations of pertussis toxin was examined. Antibody P11B10 reacted with an epitope present on the S2 subunit of pertussis toxin by immunoblot techniques. Radioimmunoprecipitation analysis and immunoaffinity chromatography with P11B10 indicated that subunits S2 and S3 were closely associated. Antibody P7B10 was unreactive in immunoblots and radioimmunoprecipitation but was able to bind and retain toxin subunits during affinity… CONTINUE READING


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