Interaction of malignant cells with salt-extracted cartilage in vitro.

  title={Interaction of malignant cells with salt-extracted cartilage in vitro.},
  author={Marc E. Bracke and R M Van Cauwenberge and Marc M. K. Mareel},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={44 1},
A salt-extractable low-molecular-weight fraction has been held responsible for the resistance of cartilage to invasion by malignant cells. To test this hypothesis, we have confronted in vitro fragments from bovine articular cartilage, from bovine nasal septum, from chick embryonic tibia, or from human knee meniscus with cells from the following malignant lines: LICR-HN-4 human squamous cell carcinoma; B16BL6 mouse melanoma; Hu-456 human transitional cell carcinoma; TE-85 and SAOS-2 human… CONTINUE READING


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