Interaction of insulin and prostacyclin production in the rat.

  title={Interaction of insulin and prostacyclin production in the rat.},
  author={E M Lasch{\'e} and Roy Edward Larson},
  volume={31 5 Pt 1},
The effects of hyperinsulinemia on production of prostacyclin (PGI2), a potent inhibitor of platelet aggregation, was studied in vitro in the rat. Aortic rings following 1-h preincubation at 37 degrees C and 1 h at 4 degrees C were incubated with and without purified porcine insulin in Krebs' glucose at 37 degrees C for 5 min and immediately percent inhibition of platelet aggregation was determined. PGI2 production in ng/mg aorta was estimated from a curve using PGI2 standard. The mean PGI2… CONTINUE READING