Interaction of heparin with annexin V.

  title={Interaction of heparin with annexin V.},
  author={Ishan Capila and Victoria A Vandernoot and Tanya R. Mealy and Barbara A. Seaton and Robert J. Linhardt},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={446 2-3},
The energetics and kinetics of the interaction of heparin with the Ca2+ and phospholipid binding protein annexin V, was examined and the minimum oligosaccharide sequence within heparin that binds annexin V was identified. Affinity chromatography studies confirmed the Ca2+ dependence of this binding interaction. Analysis of the data obtained from surface plasmon resonance afforded a Kd of approximately 21 nM for the interaction of annexin V with end-chain immobilized heparin and a Kd of… CONTINUE READING