Interaction of dolastatin 10 with bovine brain tubulin.


Dolastatin 10 is an unusual peptide of marine origin which binds to tubulin in the vinblastine/maytansine/phomopsin-binding region and potently inhibits mitosis. Using N,N'-ethylenebis(iodoacetamide) (EBI) and iodo[14C]acetamide as probes for the effects of ligands on the thiol groups of tubulin, we found that dolastatin 10 has effects on the sulfhydryls… (More)


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@article{Luduena1992InteractionOD, title={Interaction of dolastatin 10 with bovine brain tubulin.}, author={Richard F. Luduena and Michael C Roach and V. Prasad and G. Robert Pettit}, journal={Biochemical pharmacology}, year={1992}, volume={43 3}, pages={539-43} }