Interaction of cisplatin and noise on the peripheral auditory system.

  title={Interaction of cisplatin and noise on the peripheral auditory system.},
  author={Michael Ann Gratton and Richard Salvi and Barton A. Kamen and Shad S Saunders},
  journal={Hearing research},
  volume={50 1-2},
The potentiation of cisplatin ototoxicity by noise was explored in the chinchilla. The effects of exposure to cisplatin alone, noise alone or concurrent exposure to both agents were compared in terms of the threshold shift of the auditory evoked potential and the amount of hair cell loss. The combination of cisplatin plus noise produced significantly more hair cell loss and hearing loss at the high frequencies than did either the noise or cisplatin alone when the noise level was 85 dB SPL or… CONTINUE READING


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