Interaction of carboxyl-containing polymers with deoxypeganine


Polymeric complexes of deoxypeganine hydrochloride with a number of carboxyl-containing polymers have been synthesized and investigated. It has been found that in the interaction of polymers with deoxypeganine both hydrogen bonds and electrostatic bonds arise.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02273927

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@article{Pereverzeva2005InteractionOC, title={Interaction of carboxyl-containing polymers with deoxypeganine}, author={E. I. Pereverzeva and A. K. Karimov and U. N. Musaev and L. V. Molchanov and {\'E}. L. Kristallovich and Kh. N. Aripov}, journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds}, year={2005}, volume={33}, pages={67-69} }