Interaction of calpastatin with calpain: a review.

  title={Interaction of calpastatin with calpain: a review.},
  author={Amanda Wendt and Valery F. Thompson and Darrel E. Goll},
  journal={Biological chemistry},
  volume={385 6},
Calpastatin is a multiheaded inhibitor capable of inhibiting more than one calpain molecule. Each inhibitory domain of calpastatin has three subdomains, A, B, and C; A binds to domain IV and C binds to domain VI of the calpains. Crystallographic evidence shows that binding of C to domain VI involves hydrophobic interactions at a site near the first EF-hand in domain VI. Sequence homology suggests that binding of A to calpain domain IV also involves hydrophobic interactions near the EF1-hand of… CONTINUE READING

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