Interaction of calf skin collagen with glycerol: linked function analysis.

  title={Interaction of calf skin collagen with glycerol: linked function analysis.},
  author={George C. Na},
  volume={25 5},
Glycerol stabilizes the triple-helical structure of solubilized calf skin collagen. The equilibrium melting temperature of the protein increased linearly from 38.0 degrees C in AS buffer (0.01 M NaOAc and 0.02 M NaCl, pH 4.0) to 43.0 degrees C in AS and 6 M glycerol buffer. To understand the thermodynamic basis of this effect on the equilibrium melting temperature and the glycerol inhibition of collagen self-association, the preferential interactions of native and denatured calf skin collagens… CONTINUE READING

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