Interaction of beta-cyclodextrin with cadmium(II) ions.

  title={Interaction of beta-cyclodextrin with cadmium(II) ions.},
  author={Eugenijus Norkus and Giedre Grinciene and Tapani Vuorinen and Rimantas Vaitkus and Eugenijus Butkus},
  journal={International journal of biological macromolecules},
  volume={33 4-5},
Reduction of Cd(II) on a dropping mercury electrode was used to study interaction of beta-cyclodextrin with Cd(II) ions. It was found that Cd(II) forms Cdbeta-CD(OH)(2)(2-) hydroxy-complex with the anion of beta-cyclodextrin in alkaline solutions (pH>11), the logarithm of stability constant being 10.4+/-0.1 (20 degrees C; I=1.0). The calculated value of the… CONTINUE READING