Interaction of berberine with human platelet alpha 2 adrenoceptors.

  title={Interaction of berberine with human platelet alpha 2 adrenoceptors.},
  author={Ka Kit Hui and John C. L. Yu and Wai Fun Chan and Eric Tse},
  journal={Life sciences},
  volume={49 4},
Berberine, an alkaloid, has been found to have a myriad of pharmacological effects including hypotensive, antisecretory, sedative, and antimicrobial effects, some of which are similar to those of clonidine, an alpha 2 adrenoceptor partial agonist. The interaction of berberine with human platelet alpha 2 adrenoceptor was investigated in this study. Berberine was found to inhibit competitively the specific binding of [3H]-yohimbine. The displacement curve was parallel to those of clonidine… CONTINUE READING
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