Interaction of antitumor drug, mithramycin, with chromatin.

  title={Interaction of antitumor drug, mithramycin, with chromatin.},
  author={Mohd Ayoub Mir and Dipak Dasgupta},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={280 1},
Mithramycin (MTR) is an anticancer drug that blocks macromolecular biosynthesis via reversible interaction with DNA in the presence of bivalent cation such as Mg2+. Mithramycin forms two types of complexes with Mg2+: complex I (1:1 in terms of MTR:Mg2+) and complex II (2:1 in terms of MTR:Mg2+). In vivo antibiotic would interact with chromatin, a protein-DNA complex. For the first time we have demonstrated and characterized the association of both complexes of MTR with chromatin and nucleosome… CONTINUE READING
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