Interaction of antimicrobial peptide protegrin with biomembranes.

  title={Interaction of antimicrobial peptide protegrin with biomembranes.},
  author={David Gidalevitz and Yuji Ishitsuka and Adrian S Muresan and Oleg Konovalov and Alan J. Waring and Robert I. Lehrer and Ka Yee C. Lee},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={100 11},
The antimicrobial peptide protegrin-1 (PG-1) interacts with membranes in a manner that strongly depends on membrane lipid composition. In this research we use an approach representing the outer layers of bacterial and red blood cell membranes with lipid monolayers and using a combination of insertion assay, epifluorescence microscopy, and surface x-ray scattering to gain a better understanding of antimicrobial peptide's mechanism of action. We find that PG-1 inserts readily into anionic… CONTINUE READING