Interaction of alpha-crystallin with spin-labeled peptides.

  title={Interaction of alpha-crystallin with spin-labeled peptides.},
  author={Z T Farahbakhsh and Qing Ling Huang and Lin Lin Ding and Christian Altenbach and Heinz-Juergen Steinhoff and Joseph Horwitz and Wayne L. Hubbell},
  volume={34 2},
alpha-Crystallin is a major protein of the vertebrate lens once thought to be highly specialized for conferring transparency. However, recent work has revealed a wide tissue distribution and a sequence homology to small heat shock proteins, suggesting a more general role for the protein. Like other molecular chaperons, alpha-crystallin is known to bind to unfolded proteins and suppress nonspecific aggregation in vitro. In the present work, spin-labeled derivatives of the insulin B chain and… CONTINUE READING


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