Interaction of Amineptine with Agents Modifying Dopaminergic Transmission

  title={Interaction of Amineptine with Agents Modifying Dopaminergic Transmission},
  author={Abdeslam Chagraoui and Marc Vasse and Philippe Protais},
  journal={Clinical Neuropharmacology},
Summary: Amineptine, administered at increasing doses (5‐40 mg/kg, i.p.) in mice, induces a dose‐dependent hyperactivity (measured either in classical activity cages or in a DIGISCAN actimeter) which persists for about 8 h at 20 mg/kg. The increase of locomotor activity induced by 20 mg/kg amineptine is dose‐dependently antagonized by metoclopramide (1.25‐120 mg/kg i.p.), by SCH 23390 (7.5‐8,000 &mgr;g/kg s.c.) and by amisulpride (1.56‐50 mg/kg i.p.). Nevertheless, whereas the increase of… Expand
Amineptine, response timing, and time discrimination in the albino rat
The data support the hypothesis that drug effects on temporal regulation in FI and DRL are secondary to a nonspecific activation of motor activity and question the plausibility of an antidepressant effect of the drug in humans via modulation of a timing mechanism. Expand
Metoclopramide attenuates iminodipropionitrile-induced oxidative stress and neurobehavioral toxicity in rats
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Inflammatory processes and depressive-like behavior in a syngeneic model of ovarian cancer
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We report a case of a schizophrenic patient dependent on amineptine who has been followed in our hospital during the last 8 years
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