Interaction between warfarin and Panax ginseng in ischemic stroke patients.

  title={Interaction between warfarin and Panax ginseng in ischemic stroke patients.},
  author={Sang-Hun Lee and Young-Min Ahn and Se-Young Ahn and H Doo and Byung-Cheol Lee},
  journal={Journal of alternative and complementary medicine},
  volume={14 6},
BACKGROUND Today, the combined use of Oriental herbal medicines and Western biomedical medicines has been a prevalent yet controversial practice. Case reports and healthy volunteer trials have had conflicting results on the effect Panax ginseng has on warfarin's pharmacologic action, some reporting a reductive and others a potentiating influence. OBJECTIVE This study investigated the interaction between warfarin and P. ginseng by observing the prothrombin time (PT) and the international… CONTINUE READING


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