Interaction between ciclosporin and ceftriaxone.

  title={Interaction between ciclosporin and ceftriaxone.},
  author={Javier Soto {\'A}lvarez and J A Sacrist{\'a}n del Castillo and M J Alsar Ortiz},
  volume={59 4},
Javier Soto Alvarez, MD, C/Calderon de la Barca No. 10, 8° dcha., E-39002 Santander (Spain) Dear Sir, Ciclosporin (CS) is an immunosuppressive drug metabolized in the liver, by means of a P-450 cytochrome isoenzyme. Pharmacokinetic interactions resulting in both induction and inhibition of its metabolism have been described [1]. Therefore, those interactions may induce the appearance of CS subtherapeutic or toxic levels. Among the group of antibiotics, both inductors as rifampin [2… CONTINUE READING