Interaction between Vacuum Arcs and Transverse Magnetic Fields with Application to Current Limitation

  title={Interaction between Vacuum Arcs and Transverse Magnetic Fields with Application to Current Limitation},
  author={P. R. Emtage and C. W. Kimblin and J. G. Gorman and F. A. Holmes and Joachim V. R. Heberlein and R. E. Voshall and P. G. Slade},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science},
The interaction between diffuse vacuum arcs and magnetic fields applied transverse to the electrode axis has been investigated both theoretically and experimentally. For arc currents < 6 kA, Hall electric fields, generated by the interaction, bow the plasma out of contact with the anode and raise the arc voltage. In the presence of a parallel capacitor, the arc current falls to zero and the arc is extinguished. For arc currents of 6 to 15 kA, arc extinction can be achieved with an oscillatory… CONTINUE READING
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