Interaction between Kb and Q4 gene sequences generates the Kbm6 mutation.

  title={Interaction between Kb and Q4 gene sequences generates the Kbm6 mutation.},
  author={Jan Geliebter and Richard A. Zeff and Dan H. Schulze and Larry R. Pease and Elizabeth H. Weiss and Andrew L Mellor and Richard A Flavell and Stanley G. Nathenson},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={6 2},
Genetic interaction as a mechanism for the generation of mutations is suggested by recurrent, multiple nucleotide substitutions that are identical to nucleotide sequences elsewhere in the genome. We have sequenced the mutant K gene from the bm6 mouse, which is one of a series of eight closely related, yet independently occurring mutants known collectively as the "bg series." Two changes from the Kb gene are found, positioned 15 nucleotides apart: an A-to-T change and a T-to-C change in the… CONTINUE READING


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