Interaction behaviors between chitosan and hemoglobin.

  title={Interaction behaviors between chitosan and hemoglobin.},
  author={Liuhua Chen and Liu Tianqing},
  journal={International journal of biological macromolecules},
  volume={42 5},
The interaction and association between chitosan and hemoglobin (Hb) are studied by UV-vis and fluorescence spectroscopies, viscometry, circular dichroism, dynamic and static light scattering. Chitosan can obviously associate with Hb to form protein-chitosan complexes, which affects microstructure of Hb. The distance between the first association site of chitosan with 214-tryptophan residue in Hb is about 5.473 nm. The intrinsic UV-vis absorption and fluorescence intensities of Hb increase with… CONTINUE READING

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