Interaction-Induced Enhancement and Oscillations of the Persistent Current

  title={Interaction-Induced Enhancement and Oscillations of the Persistent Current},
  author={Charles A. Stafford and D. F. Wang},
  journal={Physical Review B},
The persistent current I in integrable models of multichannel rings with both short- and long-ranged interactions is investigated. I is found to oscillate in sign and increase in magnitude with increasing interaction strength due to interaction- induced correlations in the currents contributed by different channels. For sufficiently strong interactions, the contributions of all channels are found to add constructively, leading to a giant enhancement of I. Numerical results confirm that this… 
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  • Schmid
  • Physics
    Physical review letters
  • 1991
It will be shown that the magnitude of persistent currents increases the more that fluctuations in the charge are suppressed, which explains the peculiar role of the Coulomb interactions between electrons and ions which enforces local charge neutrality.
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The charge stiffness for a mesoscopic ring is computed as a function of the size L, which is a measure of the persistent currents, and it is found that for finite disorder the persistence of the system with repulsive interactions is larger than those of theSystem with attractive interactions.